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What happens when an adventure novelist, who in reality is an unadventurous soul, finds himself on a wild adventure in the jungle? A story like The lost city come.

The plot follows a disenchanted novelist, Loretta Sage, who gets kidnapped by a wealthy madman and his fan and finds herself on a random and unexpected adventure in a tropical jungle. Her book’s cover model follows her to rescue her and her assistant, but his plans go awry when he realizes he’s not quite equipped to face the challenges of this adventure. What happens after that is why you need to watch the movie.

Paramount Pictures’ new rom-com adventure is set to hit theaters on March 25, 2022, and so far, based on promos and what we know so far, it seems The lost city is going to be a crazy comedy adventure. The action-packed adventure rom-com boasts a star-studded cast list with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum on your mind. But that’s not all. Find out the list of characters and who plays who in the film.


The lost city is directed by the filmmaking duo Aaron and Adam Neewho is known to have previously led The Last Romantic and gang of thieves. The screenplay, which the duo wrote with Oren Uziel and Dana Fox (What’s Happening in Vegas), is based on an original story by Seth Gordon.

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Sandra Bullock as Loretta Sage

Picture via Paramount

Loretta is a bestselling novelist and a hit among her fans. His latest novel, The lost city of D, involves a high-profile protagonist who embarks on a wacky adventure and finds love. Surprisingly, in her real life, Loretta is quite the opposite. She has never traveled and is content with her simple and somewhat boring life, where she writes and stays at home, or stays within her inner circle. But when her latest novel comes out, her publicist insists that she go on a book tour to promote her book. And that’s when her life took a radical turn, giving her the adventure of a lifetime.

For starters, Loretta is kidnapped by an incredibly wealthy madman who wants Loretta to find the fictional ancient city mentioned in her new novel. For someone just out of the house, Loretta finds herself in a jungle, in her cocktail dress and high heels, with no survival skills or clue what to do.

Loretta Sage is played by award-winning actor and producer, Sandra Bullock. With an acting career spanning 34 years and counting, Bullock is known for her roles in popular movies like Speed (and more), Miss Conviviality (and more), The lake houseetc., and won an Oscar for The blind side. Bullock recently produced and starred in the Netflix original drama, Unforgivable. The actor will soon be seen in the upcoming action thriller, High-speed traincoming in 2022.

Channing Tatum as Alan Caprison / Dash McMahon

Picture via Paramount

Alan is a model, who appears on the cover of Loretta’s latest novel, The Lost City of D. He is merely a visual representation of the novel’s hero, Dash MacMahon. He’s dashing and handsome, making Loretta fans cringe like he’s “the hero.” On the book tour, Alan follows Loretta around as eye candy, so to speak, and also promotes the new novel. Loretta seems frustrated with Alan’s irrational fan-following. When she is kidnapped, Alan decides to be a true hero and sets out to find her, heading to a tropical jungle where her captor has taken her. Unfortunately, Alan is, once again, just a model. He has no survival skills, let alone how to find his way through a jungle. It is also possible that there is some sort of romance between him and his novelist. Now how Alan will save himself and Loretta is the real crux of the story.

Playing sexy cover model and savior of Loretta is Channing Tatum. Formerly a model and dancer, Tatum rose to fame through her performance in Intensify and Intensify 2followed by magic mike series. He is known for his roles in films like GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra and its sequel, white house down, Lucky Loganetc Outraged The lost cityTatum will also be seen in the final sequel to magic mike, Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Abigail Fairfax

Daniel Radcliffe in The Lost City
Picture via Paramount

Abigail Fairfax is a crazy billionaire and a criminal mastermind. He is an eccentric man with very strange ideas. Fairfax stalks Loretta on her book tour and introduces herself as her fan. But what he expects most from her is to find the fictional “lost city” mentioned in his latest novel, The Lost City of D. Why? Obviously, because he can get his hands on the treasures buried in the underground city. As we learn from the trailer, Loretta tries to assure him that the place is not real and only her imagination on which she based her novel. But the crazy Fairfax seems to be, he doesn’t agree and kidnaps her, taking her with him on his private jet to the tropical island where the Lost City is supposed to be. Whether or not he succeeds in finding the lost city and its treasures, that’s why you have to see the film. However, it’s clear he’s going to chase Loretta and her rescuers until he does.

Abigail Fairfax is played by Daniel Radcliffea name synonymous with Harry Potter series. As an adult actor, Radcliffe gained recognition for his performances in films like horns, The woman in black, Jungle, and more. He played his first villainous role in the heist thriller, now you see me 2. Daniel Radcliffe will soon appear in the biographical comedy Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic as a titular musician.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Beth

Da'Vine Joy Randolph in Dolemite Is My Name
Picture via Netflix

Beth is Loretta’s publicist and best friend. She knows Loretta and all of her skills and quirks and yet supports her. But that’s what friends do. When Loretta’s new book is launched, Beth insists that she go on tour, promote the book, and show her face to the public and the media, for her own good. When Loretta is kidnapped, Beth decides to go to the jungle to find her friend and bring her back to civilization.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays the character of Beth. She is a singer and actress who gained recognition from the Broadway production of Ghost: the musical. She has also appeared in films like The Angst Man in Brooklyn, Office Christmas Partyand TV series like Selfies, Earth Peopleand High fidelity.

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Brad Pitt as Jack Trainer

Picture via Paramount

Jack Trainer is kind of a surprise character in The lost city. All that is revealed about Jack’s character is that he is a CIA agent and former Navy SEAL who is on a mission to rescue Loretta Sage from her captor, Abigail Fairfax. As it concerns the teaser shows, we only see Jack trying to get Loretta to safety and push her on a wheelbarrow while leaving an explosion site behind them. Loretta seems to have been attracted to her dirty, long-haired rescuer. From short intro that Jack shares with her, we learn that he is the son of a meteorologist. Other than that, there are no more details about Jack Trainer, what his role is in Loretta, Alan, and Abigail’s story, and how he fits into the search for the lost city. Is he also looking for the same thing as them? Who knows? Guess, you’ll have to figure it out by watching the movie.

Award-winning actor and producer, brad pitt needs no introduction. During his 35-year acting career, Pitt is known for playing iconic roles in Hollywood movie history. He is best known for his work in 12 monkeys, Seven years in Tibet, fight clubthe oceans series, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and much more. Brad Pitt will also appear next in High-speed train with Sandra Bullock, which will be their second film together after The lost city.

Oscar Nuñez as Adrian Austin

Picture via NBC

Adrian is Alan’s half-brother. Not much is known about his character other than the fact that he has a goat named Randy, and it looks like he’s going to be a mystery until we watch the movie. Adrian is played by Oscar Nunez. He is best known for playing the role of accountant Oscar Martinez, in the hit NBC sitcom Office. Nunez is also credited with creating and starring in the Comedy Central series, Half way home. In the cinema, he has already appeared in Renew 911! Miami, Proposaland Baywatch. You’ll soon see Oscar Nunez in Disney’s next action/animated movie, Disillusioned.

In other roles, there are Patti Harrison like Pratt Caprison, Alan’s sister, Raymond Lee as Officer Gomez, Bowen Yang as Tomshi Caprison, Alan’s adoptive Chinese brother. Besides these characters, there are also a few others who will appear in the story in minor roles.


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