What is a Kugelblitz?

Netflix Season 3 The Umbrella Academy is almost there. Based on the musician Gerard Road and illustrator Gabriel Bafrom the graphic novel series of the same name, and created by Steve Blackman and developed by moon knight editor-in-chief Jeremy Slater, The Umbrella Academy is one of the most anticipated Netflix shows to return after Season 2, which premiered in 2019. Netflix released the first official trailer for the new season on Thursday, giving us our first in-depth look at what’s to come. Hargreeves siblings. after they jump to the present (or the future, depending on how you see it!) let’s break down this action-packed trailer, starting with: What is a kugelblitz?


And it became a Kugelblitz

Five (Aidan Gallagher) explains (0:13) that when he and his siblings returned in 2019, they created a time paradox that spawned “a fucking kugelblitz!” Viktor (Elliot Page) speaks for all of us when he says, “What is a kugelblitz?” Five, wielding a mimosa (and sporting a new look!), says, “Essentially, we’re screwed!”

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In astrophysics, a kugelblitz (German for “ball lightning”) occurs when a massive concentration of energy, usually in the form of radiation, forms a singularity. In simpler terms, it’s a black hole – but instead of forming from a collapsing star, it’s formed by energy. The kugelblitz the Hargreeves produced with their time jump is essentially a self-trapped ball of energy that, as Viktor says (0:50), created a time paradox that literally swallows reality. Five guesses (0:54) that they have four, maybe five days “before the rest of existence is destroyed”.

Who is Sparrow Academy?

To complicate matters, the Umbrella Academy has been replaced by seven other super-powered individuals born on the same day known as Sparrow Academy. (“Not to mention we’ve been replaced by a bunch of blobs and cubes and birds and shit!”)

At 0:26 we see a montage of the Hargreeves taking on the Sparrows. The first is Klaus (Robert Sheehan), frantically running through a graveyard chased by ghosts. Then we see Allison (Emmy Raver Lampman), Five and Luther (Tom Hopper), reserving it in a hallway as Fei (Britne Oldford), who is Sparrow Academy’s number three, manifests a murder of crows which she is able to control and use to attack the Hargreeves.

The next member of Sparrow Academy that the trailer breaks down is Ben (Justin H. Min), who in this timeline is number two, not number six like he was at Umbrella Academy. And this Ben? He’s an asshole.

As the Umbrella Academy discusses Ben, they confirm to Klaus that they can all see Sparrow’s Ben, who is very much alive in this timeline and harbors the same tentacle powers. Then there’s a quick montage of the Umbrella Academy fighting the Sparrows, who are everythinglike Diego (David Castaneda) confirms, assholes. We see Diego having his ass put back in a pharmacy by Alphonso (Jake Epstein), Sparrow Academy’s number four, who is badly scarred due to his ability to inflict pain on others by inflicting damage on himself. Next, we see Luther fight his Sparrow counterpart, Marcus (Justin Cornwell), Number One, who appears to have the same super strength abilities as Luther.

At 0:57, there’s a quick shot from Ben from Sparrow Academy, followed by Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), Sparrow Academy’s number five, whose powers are unknown at this point. Sloane is followed by Alphonso, then Fei, then Jayme (Cassie David), Number Six, whose powers are also unknown. Then there’s the sparrow’s number seven, Christopher, the “existential dread-inducing psychronium cube.” Christopher can make the room freezing and cause paralyzing fear.

Finally, we see Marcus, the leader of the Sparrows, talking to Viktor at a dinner party. Viktor tells Marcus, “Your team is good, but I don’t think you’re better than me. I ended the world. Twice. What about you? You’re just meat in spandex.” Viktor seems confident, but it’s clear Sparrow Academy is giving Umbrella Academy a hard time. At 1:24, Ben is seen using Christopher to paralyze Lila (Ritu Arya), which has now partnered with the Umbrella Academy. However, at another point in the trailer (1:48), we also see Lila team up with Viktor to create a double sonic explosion, so we suspect Lila won’t be taken down so easily. We also see Diego and Alphonso back at the pharmacy, Ben in a practice session with the rest of the Sparrows, and Five (1.43) facing Jayme, who asks, unimpressed, “What are you, their mascot? ” He “space jumps” and punches her in the face before responding, “More like their ringtone.”

And finally, of course, there’s a shot of Klaus dancing, rocking, and living his best life.

What is the Obsidian Hotel?

At 1:11, we see a shot of what is called the Obsidian Hotel. This is believed to be a reference to “Hotel Oblivion” from the original graphic novel series. In The Umbrella Academy 3: Hotel Oblivion, Sir Reginald Hargreeves creates Hotel Oblivion as a metaphysical prison that exists on the periphery of reality for all the villains the Academy has faced over the years. It is unknown if the Obsidian Hotel shares any similarities with the comic book hotel Oversight, but seeing as the Umbrella Academy seems to appreciate fluffy bathrobes and Chinese food at the hotel, we don’t get a twisted prison vibe. Because Season 3 moves away from the third arc of the graphic novel series, it may just be an Easter egg included in the show, but we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Surprise! Pogo returns

In the trailer’s final scene (1:55), we see Five walk into a tattoo shop and say, “I was looking for you.” The tattoo artist turns around, and it’s none other than Pogo (Adam Godley), who is alive in this timeline, clearly with the same intelligence, and presumably, with some knowledge of Reginald and the sparrows. It’s possible that Five is looking for Pogo to help find a way to destroy Sparrow Academy. This Pogo, covered in tattoos and wearing a leather motorcycle vest bearing the name “Pogo the Enforcer”, will clearly be very different from the Pogo we once knew in the original timeline.

To sum up, the Umbrella Academy seems to be getting their ass kicked this season. However, there is a very real possibility of the Umbrella Academy encountering alternate versions of themselves. Five explains (1:11) to Luther, Diego, and Klaus that in this timeline, Reginald did not adopt them as babies, but that those babies were still to exist. If so, the Hargreeves just might have a shot at stopping another self-induced world-ending disaster.

The 10 episodes of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, June 22.

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