Trailer For Guri And Ronak Joshi’s Upcoming Intense Romance Drama Will Touch Your Heart

The wait is finally over as the makers of one of Pollywood’s highly anticipated films, ‘Lover’, have released the trailer for the film. Starring Guri and Ronak Joshi in the lead, the trailer very nicely gives us a glimpse into a world that’s both romantic and heartbreaking.

The trailer opens on a very sweet note, in which we see how young Laali (Guri) is head over heels in love with Heer (Ronak). He goes out of his way to get a simple glimpse of her. He follows her on her cycle and cleans the seat of her car, all of these and many more adorable moments that scream pure, innocent puppy love can be seen in the trailer.

However, like all good things come to an end, this rosy image of Laali and Heer is also shattered. They are forced to separate, then, after a gap of almost a decade, Laali becomes an alcoholic and sees Ronak everywhere. Guri certainly left audiences stunned with his “love-crazy” boyish look, a lover devoured entirely with love.

Guri’s transformation for the film caught our eye. The film is also very similar to that of Jagdeep Sidhu Lekh. But obviously, the creators chose another unique way to entertain the fans. And it shows on July 1 when the drama hits the big screens.

Additionally, Taj has proven that he can touch hearts with his writing. The way he infused the storyline with emotions is commendable. Plus, the direction of Khushpal Singh and Dilsher Singh added the icing on the cake, and all you have to do is wait for the full movie to be released to enjoy the full dose of this Pollywood romantic drama.

The next movie’Lover‘ is filled with a superb cast of stars, Yashpal Sharma, Avtar Gill, Rupinder Rupi, Karan Sandhawalia, Raj Dhaliwal, Rahul Jaittly, Harsimran Oberoi, Harmandeep, Avar Brar and Chandan Gill, Lover should be a super hit at the box- Desk.

In the meantime, if you haven’t watched the intense trailer yet, take a look:

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