Romantic drama iQIYI “One and Only” tops popularity charts and generates social media buzz


Reserved his narrative style, The one and only embodies the unique ways in which emotions are expressed in Chinese culture. Thanks to her captivating love story and superior production quality, The one and only spawned more than 517 trending topics on major Chinese platforms, generating more than 8.69 million searches in total. The show has also sparked a lot of discussion among overseas users since its launch on iQIYI’s international app ( It has led to over 4.5 million posts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the main Vietnamese media organization Saostar and several major film and television media through South East Asia also covered the show.

iQIYI has launched a variety of interactive sessions to provide an immersive experience for users and further increase the popularity of the show. In one instance, Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, the show’s actor and lead actress, made a surprise visit to iQIYI’s online chat room while the show was on air to answer viewers’ questions. They received over 15,000 messages in just under a minute. The cast also joined viewers’ discussions in the “Danmu” bulleted comment section, which led to over 18 million bulleted comments and 7.29 million likes. Outreach of this type responded to the engagement habits of the show’s young audiences, as evidenced by the more than 3,000 show-related posts in the iQIYI community.

This year, iQIYI unveiled soft on, a dedicated collection of romantic dramas made up of seven series spanning different subgenres. With new sets and young actors, the series offers a wide range of perspectives on love, a subject that is of great interest to all young viewers in society. As a result, the series of soft on have so far appeared in more than 1,400 hot topics on popular platforms in China.

One of the series, Moonlight, quickly topped the popularity charts for romantic dramas after it premiered in May. Another, titled The day of becoming you, received an average rating of up to 7.6 out of 10.0 from more than 110,000 people on Douban, an influential Chinese social media platform known for its movie and TV show reviews. The real-world issues reflected in the Seven Romantic Dramas have also generated a lot of buzz on social media platforms. The dramas spark heated discussions among fans about love, family, professional interpersonal relationships, and other topics that resonate with young audiences.

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