Romantic Drama ‘Firebird’ Sells Out To Key Territories (Exclusive) | News

The romantic drama of Peeter Rebane Bird of Firewith Tom Prior and Ukrainian actor Oleg Dagarodnii, was sold to Arti Film (Benelux), Enorama Films (Greece), Lucky Dogs (Scandinavia), Optimale Distribution (France), Rialto Distribution (Australia/New Zealand) and Salzgeber & Co (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with releases planned between May and September this year.

The story is the clandestine love affair between a Soviet Air Force pilot and a young Estonian officer in Soviet-occupied Estonia in the 1970s. The film struck a chord in some country, with one of Moscow’s main LGBT festivals closed ahead of the film’s premiere.

Rebane and his team handle global sales directly through The Factory. The film was released in the US and Canada by Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate and in the UK by a team of independent marketing consultants working alongside Dave Woodward’s Jade Films (cinema), Central City Media (digital/tv) and Verve Pictures DVD.

Distribution deals in the United States were negotiated by Peeter Rebane himself, while distribution consultant Tim Grohne and business affairs manager Aziannida Samingan negotiated deals for international.

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