N Flying frontman Lee Seunghyub to star in upcoming JTBC romantic drama “I Know But”

N Flying frontman Lee Seunghyub, who recently made headlines by announcing his first full album Man on the moon with the band, added another highly anticipated project to their prize pool. Rock boy frontman set to appear in new JTBC Saturday special I know but. According to K Drama Stars, FNC Entertainment confirmed on Tuesday, May 25 that Seunghyub will be part of the cast of the JTBC drama also known as However which features Song Kang and Han So Hee in the lead.

N Flying’s Lee Seunghyub in I know but

I know but is a webtoon of the same and is about a Yoo Na Bi woman who wants to date her but doesn’t believe in love. Song Kang is introduced as Park Jae Uhn whose dating finds a tedious task and would rather flirt instead. Considering his nature, he is friendly and cheerful with everyone, but has no interest in others and has ruled out dating altogether. He has drawn a firm line between himself and the others and doesn’t want to reveal how he feels. However, after meeting Yoo Na Bi, he finds himself wanting to cross those boundaries. Lee Seughyub will appear in a short appearance by Joo Hyuk in the drama.

Besides Song Kang and Han SoHee, the I know but the cast also includes Chae Jong Hyeop among the protagonists. The show’s supporting cast includes Kim Min Gwi, Yang Hye Ji, Han Eu Deum, Jung Jae Kwang, and more. The drama is scheduled to air on JTBC as a Friday-Saturday drama after the end of Under coverr in June and the first episode will air on June 19. The episode will also air worldwide on streaming giant Netflix a day later, namely on June 20 and the show is slated for a total of 10 episodes.

N Flying’s Lee Seunghyub Acting Roles

Lee Seunghyu’s first acting stunt was with a dramatic musical Meet in 2016 in which he appeared in a guest role in episode 18. He then starred in Save me with Ok Taecyeon and Seo Yea Ji, All the Love in the World: Season 3, and the romantic comedy Luv Pub. He has also appeared in web dramas All the boys and Big picture house. He made his first solo debut with his song On the track which will be released on February 22, 2021. His first full album Man on the moon will be released on June 7.


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