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BEIJING, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About May. 19iQIYI, a leading innovative online entertainment service in Chinaannounced that The wind blows from Longxithe second installment of iQIYI’s Chinese Historic City (iCHCU) universe, premiering exclusively online at iQIYI on April 27 and released its season finale for subscribers on May 7. As Luoyangthe first episode of iCHCU, The wind blows from Longxi gained worldwide popularity with its high-quality production and provided the public with an opportunity to appreciate traditional Chinese culture.

Located in Longxi area during China Three Kingdoms Period, The wind blows from Longxi tells a story of a war between spies, which attracted Chinapublic based abroad as well as abroad. The series’ iQIYI Content Popularity Index reached 7,366 after its release. During its run, the series also topped both iQIYI’s Drama Hits list and the overall hits list of Enlightent, a pan-entertainment big data service provider. In ChinaAlong with the series’ popularity comes a surge in sales of the original novel on which the series was based, as well as many other books about the Three Kingdoms period, such as the classic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Public of hong kong, Macau, Singapore and regions in the US and European markets enjoyed the series online or through local channels. Departure May 12, the series begins to air on the Malaysian streaming platform Astro. In the future, the public of South Korea, Japan, Australiamore regions in the Americas, as well as regions in Africa will also have the opportunity to enjoy the series.

Along with critical acclaim, the series has also achieved commercial success as it skillfully weaves quality commercials throughout the episodes. The series offers different advertising opportunities, including in pre-episode highlights and in-episode, all of which are extremely popular and highly sought after by customers.

YANG Bei, Vice President of iQIYI and Executive Producer of The wind blows from Longxisaid, “This series not only sheds light on everyday people’s lives, but also offers a visual feast based on the Three Kingdoms era. The series aims to provide an immersive experience and a unique opportunity for audiences to experience the deep cultural heritage of China.”

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