Best Pakistani Romantic Drama

Pakistani dramas have gained huge name and fame in the drama industry. The flavor of romance, love, lighthearted intimacy and melody is the root of Pakistani industry. Why most of the time do romance and stories fascinate us, probably we live in character?


Starting and steering:
Having said by name, Dillagi is something that touches someone’s heart, it is a love story related to emotions like ego, super ego, love, hate, friendship and the strict context.

The main cast is Mehwish Hyatt and Humayun Saeed both played the main characters and the whole story revolves around them. They both play the characters of Mohid and Anmol. The early drama has a kind of attraction in it.

The strongest character is Saba Hamid playing the role of Mohid (HERO mother), her strong personality captures the viewer. The heroine is shown as a rebel, sometimes the viewer simply does not understand her personality and problem. Even after 10 episodes, she seems like the most annoying character so far.

Humayun Saeed looks old while playing the character that we don’t find him interesting as Mohid because of the old look he wears, but as soon as a romantic scene appears, he wears the romantic scene so well that you can’t help but think of him.


The supporting characters also did their roles full justice.

Saba Hamid as the hero’s mother is presented as quite strict and straightforward. Sometimes her tough personality is more appealing than in romantic scenes. On the other side, Anmol’s mother is still on the verge of collapse. Dastageer as Mohid’s Chota is shown full of life and color. Her brashness is amusing in serious moments, and Anmol’s sister’s dialogue is also thoughtful.

The stories and tales in most dramas or movies are similar but. What makes a contrast between one and the other is their dialogues and the way they are carried. The romantic element and the romantic dialogues used are an important feature.


Both Mohid and Anmol used some dialogue which makes the piece attentive and more interesting. As if they add charm to the room.

MOHID’s dialogues:

1- “Musalsal paanch minute kisi ki aankhoun mein aankhein daal kar uss ke sabr ka imtehan lene waloun by Bhi koi dafa nafiz hoti hai ya nahi?”

2- “Aao mujhe daryaft karo, acha laga tou fatha kar laina”

3- “Abhi mein ne tumhe apne saath chipkaya hi kahan hai”


1- “Aappaidaishi chichorey hain ya bachpan mein polio aur khsre ke injections ke saath chachorpaney ke teekey Bhi lag gaey the”

2- “Shadi mayar se kam wale se kar loun gi magar muhabbat nahi”


The Rich Lad falls in love with a girl who somehow has a personality disorder. Anmol challenges the guy to make her fall in love with him. His character seems very irritating at times,

She tortures him mentally. Most of the time the guy is madly after her. He can lose the world to gain it. She doesn’t let him get close to her and it ends up hurting her male ego. Yet he prefers love over ego, which most men just don’t. The hero keeps trying and after so much alongside Anmol’a, she begins to realize that the first impression is not the last because in the beginning,

the image of mohid was nothing but a brigand and a confiscator. She hated him at first but starts to fall in love with Mohid and one of the most romantic and eternal dialogues conveyed by Anmol at the end was: “MOHID MERY DIL KO BHI LAG GAI”

The Pakistani drama shows the true colors of love.

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