Author: Jeff B. Campbell

China says Musk’s SpaceX satellites have approached his space station twice, endangering astronauts

In October, China sent three astronauts, including a woman. Hailed as China’s most prestigious and strategically important space project, the low-orbiting space station is said to be the country’s eye in the sky, providing a bird’s-eye view of the rest of the world. Once ready, China will be the only country to own a space […]

Fairytale Fantasies Meet Reality on “The Future Diary” and “The Bachelor Japan”

Looking for a love story this holiday season? Or maybe you prefer to indulge in a more complicated romantic competition? Either way, the streaming services bring you two Japanese shows that blur the line between reality and drama. Netflix’s “The Future Diary,” which premiered on December 14, aims to recreate the romance-fueled absurdity of a […]

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