Month: October 2021

The Time It Takes series review: a bittersweet romantic drama that deserves a second season – Cinema Express

The Spanish romantic drama series, The necessary time, goes to the bone with his presentation of a nine-year relationship and its subsequent ending. Set in both the present and the past, it focuses on the nuances of the bond between Lina (Nadia de Santiago) and Nico (Álvaro Cervantes) – presenting it in its entirety … […]

US “vaccine passport” could do more harm than good

A child watches a nurse administer an injection of COVID-19 vaccine during an pop-up immunization event at Lynn Family Stadium on April 26, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. [Photo/Agencies] The new coronavirus has already killed more than 4.94 million people and infected more than 244 million people worldwide. Countries must therefore put aside their geopolitical interests […]

Sundance Institute names 20 non-fiction projects for grant | New

The Sundance Institute Documentary Films Program (DFP) selected 20 non-fiction films covering topics ranging from housing inequality to feminist history for grants from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. Eight of the ten awarded American films are directed by at least one BIPOC director. Globally, half of the projects have international roots in regions privileged by […]

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