Month: June 2021

What sets GMA’s upcoming romantic drama The World Between Us apart from other love stories? Direk Dominic Zapata explains

Director Dominic Zapata has said that GMA’s upcoming romantic drama “The World Between Us” is different from other love stories and shows. For starters, he says, the story is based on the classic book “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë. When pushed further, the esteemed Filipino director responded using metaphors. “It’s like you go to a […]

Julia Stiles Sets Director’s Arc With Romantic Drama “Wish You Were Here” – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Julia Stiles is set to make her directorial debut with Wish you were Here, a romantic drama that she co-wrote with Renée Carlino based on the latter’s novel. Phiphen Pictures is producing the film, which reunites the company with Stiles after starring alongside Kelsey Grammer and Colman Domingo in his picture The God Committee. […]

Christian Petzold’s romantic drama probes the depths of European myth TheWrap

Undine (Paula Beer) is a freelance urban development expert who regularly lectures on Berlin’s architecture and its relationship to this city’s troubled past. She also has a secret: she is the Undine of European myth, a mermaid-water spirit whose own problem necessarily involves facilitating the death of any man who betrays her love. In “Undine”, […]

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