Month: May 2021

Song Kang, Han So Hee, the romantic drama “Nevertheless” to air on Netflix; here are the details

Belarus hijacks Ryanair flight to arrest Lukashenko critic Song Kang Returns With Another Drama After Stealing Audiences’ Hearts With Incredible Performance In The Drama Navillera. The Love alarm the actor has been associated with Bride and groom world actress Han So Hee. Here’s everything you need to know about However from casting to streaming details. […]

iQIYI launches its collection of romantic dramas “SWEET ON Theater”

Unlike typical romantic dramas, the “SWEET ON” series combines love with the workplace, fantasy, suspense and other innovative elements to produce more diverse stories and richer character pairs. Breaking the trend of homogenization among sweet love dramas, the new themes will deliver a fresh and exciting experience to an aesthetically tired audience. The seven dramas […]

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