Month: September 2020

More Than Blue Romantic Drama Star Suffers Corneal Abrasion Because She Cried Too Much, Entertainment News

Occupational risks. When you have to cry for hours on end, something will happen. For Taiwanese actress Gingle Wang, who stars on the upcoming TV series More Than Blue, it was about corneal abrasions. In a press interview for the show yesterday (September 22), the 22-year-old said: “My eyes got too dry from all the […]

Netflix’s decision to adapt Chinese novel “The Three Bodies Problem” sparks controversy

Streaming giant Netflix announced on September 1 that it would adapt The Three-Body Problem trilogy, the popular Chinese science fiction novel, in an original series with a crew of stars. While the news has thrilled fans around the world, some are wondering how the film will adapt the book, make its elements Chinese, and whether […]

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