10 Pokemon That Could Be The First Firebenders In Avatar

bend over Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing feat that captured the imagination of viewers young and old. Casual watchers of the series might wonder where the flex comes from. The answer is that the art of bending comes from various species of animals. Firebending comes from ancient dragons, for example.

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Pokémon are basically the animals of the Pokemon world. There are so many species of Pokemon, some of which even look like dragons. If firebending existed in pokemon, it’s easy to imagine that some powerful and ancient Pokémon contributed to this. From rookies to legendaries, there are plenty of candidates for whom Pokémon would be the ancient firebenders.

ten Torkoal could be a grand master of turtles

Torkoal is a third generation Fire-type Turtle Pokemon. He is known for his superheat abilities and Ash even had one once. Ash’s Torkoal was specifically quite powerful and did its best, while having a cheerful demeanor.

At the end of Avatar, a lion turtle teaches Aang energybending. This could be the perfect setup for a Torkoal to be an original firebender. If one turtle can bend, why not another? A Torkoal can withstand quite high temperatures thanks to its shell, and a Torkoal could teach anyone if a lion turtle can.

9 Delphix is ​​smart enough for the job

Delphox is the final evolution of Fennekin, the Firelighter of the Kalos region who evolves to have a Psychic type subtype. As a psychic type, a Delphix could be in tune with people’s thoughts. Teaching a person firebending could be simple.

Delphox’s fur resembles a robe, almost making them look like teachers. This is a perfect outfit for teaching. They also use a wand to channel their fire and psychic energy. This could be perfect for relating firebending to any human student looking to learn the art.

8 Ninetales is basically a kitsune demon

Ninetails is the evolved form of Vulpix. The Kanto version of Ninetails is a Fire-type that is believed to be able to live up to 1,000 years. Since it’s actually an ancient Pokémon, that would make a Ninetails perfect as the original firebender.

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The Ninetails seem to have some sort of mystical power that causes their long lifespan. The Ninetails is based on kitsune demons from Japanese mythology, who can curse people and breathe fire. Kitsune are also long-lived and can change shape. Ninetails being based on a mythological creature seems fitting for an ancient firebender of legend.

seven Magmars are powerful fire creatures

Magmar has been a fire type since the beginning Pokemon generation. Their internal temperature is nearly 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and their body is robust. This is especially true for the Magmar who live in the Alola region because there are so many active volcanoes in this region. Magmar can turn their surroundings to ashes with intense flames and can draw intense heat from their entire body.

Magmar appears to be based on a bird known as a booby and some kind of salamander. He may also be based on the Karura, a creature from Buddhism with the head of a bird and the ability to breathe fire. This origin, along with his intense body heat, could make Magmar a formidable firebender.

6 Sulfura is like a phoenix

Moltres is one of the legendary Pokémon of the Kanto region. He is known to be a powerful fire monster whose wings are made entirely of flame. In the Galar region, Moltres is a Dark-type Pokémon and has dark flames on its wings. Moltres would be perfect as the original firebender.

Kanto Moltres can learn moves like Overheat and Flare Blitz, which are extremely powerful fire moves. This Pokémon is also based on a phoenix, a mythological firebird. This relationship with a mythical creature makes him the perfect candidate to be a legendary firebender. Phoenixes are similar to dragons, so swapping out a dragon as the original firebender for a phoenix seems fair.

5 Emboar is not the average pig

Emboar is the latest evolution of Tepig, the fifth generation Fire-like starter. Using the flames on his back, Emboar can set his hands on fire and strike or shoot fire. Emboar is a powerful Fire/Fighting type capable of taking out the toughest competitors.

Emboar’s design is based on Zhang Fei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a Chinese novel. His Chinese origins would be perfect for a place in Avatar, a series that draws a lot of inspiration from Chinese and Asian cultures. With his burning fists, Emboar could teach young masters how to harness flames and destroy objects with a punch.

4 Blaziken is a naughty chicken

Blaziken is the latest evolution of Torchic, the third generation fire starter. It was the first Fire/Fighting hybrid starter Pokemon and specializes in kicking its opponents. His strongest moves include power attacks like Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut.

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Blaziken has proven to be one of the strongest Fire-type Pokémon. May’s Blaziken has served her well throughout the Ruby & Sapphire anime episodes. Blaziken is known for its high attack and special attack. His aptitude for martial arts makes him a good candidate to teach the art of firebending to human students.

3 Entei barks and bites

Entei is one of the legendary beasts of Pokemonis second generation. He is a fire-type hound who knows attacks such as eruption and holy fire. Both of these attacks are very powerful and have a high chance of causing burns.

With his powerful Fire-type moves, Entei could easily teach humans to master fire. A Legendary Pokemon like Entei could help teach humans the true power of fire. Entei might also have the wisdom to teach humans how to control the destructive power of fire.

2 Ho-Oh soars through the skies

Ho-Oh is a legendary bird from the second generation of Pokemon. It was one of the first Ash Pokemon seen on its journey, and it’s quite a powerful bird. Ho-Oh is one of the few Pokémon that knows Sacred Fire, a powerful fire move.

As a phoenix-like bird, Ho-Oh would be a good candidate to teach firebending. It may have been inspired by a number of firebirds, giving it mythological origins. It can also resurrect living things, a useful skill for any Pokemon or master. Ho-Oh could arguably be a powerful asset to any firebender.

1 Charizard is like a dragon

Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon of the Kanto generation. He has an imposing stature and almost looks like a dragon. Even Ash had a Charizard at one point. Although not a Dragon-type Pokémon, Charizard can learn many Dragon-type moves.

Mastery of fire in Avatar comes from the dragons. As such, Charizard would be one of the best candidates to teach firebending with his dragon guise. Its ability to fire also makes Charizard a powerful Pokemon. With Charizard’s power and popularity, he could easily be a firebender.

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